Another Buffalo t-shirt company?

I get it, there’s no shortage of options for Buffalo gear. There’s some people out there doing great things; both artistically and in the community. I personally own and still rock designs from a few other outlets on a regular basis. I believe in supporting local and supporting the arts/artists – and I love Buffalo sports – so for me it makes sense to be a part of that space. I don’t want to displace or discount anyone doing great things, I want to do it with them. Let’s make cool stuff!

How We’re Different

BUFonWECK is 100% a passion project. There’s no hidden agenda, no secret end-game. For me, it’s an outlet to connect with our fanbase in a fun and unique way. I love our teams and this area. I love interacting with other fans and other creatives. I’m here to have a good time and to make cool things with and for my friends.

I can parody designs and touch references that others in this space cannot or will not. I can work with absolutely anyone; friends old and new. Sometimes I’ll use obscure references because I think they’re cool, not because I think they’ll sell. I’m on Twitter during games in full-out maniac mode like the rest of our crazed brothers and sisters. There’s no corporate polish here because there doesn’t have to be.

That said, the following is how I run BUFonWECK.

  • I won’t hastily launch designs to be the first to release something; quality matters.
  • I won’t touch certain slogans/references/designs because I don’t want to undercut or take away from those that did it first.
  • I won’t publish anything that I wouldn’t personally wear.
  • I will do everything in my power to make sure you’re happy with the things we create.

Charitable Donations

Watching the Mafia rise to support a cause is nothing short of awe inspiring. I’m proud to be a part of something that is so much bigger than all us as individuals, and see how one group of fans can make an impact like no other. That’s why I make it a priority to donate a portion of every sale. It’s a way to give back in the true spirit of the Mafia, in a way that I’d never be able to sustain personally.

We’re very small potatoes in this pot. But if I’ve learned anything from watching the way that this fanbase operates, it’s that small contributions can add up quickly. And that every lit bit helps.

Get in Touch

Anything else you’d like to know? Are you a creator and want to collab? Just want to talk sports, music, or anything else that you love about Western New York? Feel free to reach out on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook 😁