On Twitter this morning, I was inspired to see the efforts underway to continue to provide meals for school children during the COVID-19 school closures. These are unprecedented times we’re enduring right now and it felt really good to see the community in action to help provide for those in need.

We Want to Help

While there’s a varying degree of concern among people, there’s no doubt that while taking the precautions necessary to flatten the curve that there are increased needs for many. Our overhead costs are relatively low and our day jobs are providing for our family, so lets jump into this head first.

Honestly, we’re still a very small operation. We don’t do much in sales and our reach is still very much in the startup phase. BUFonWECK is the true definition of a passion project; we’re nobodies, I get it. But if you dig some of our stuff and make a purchase, we’ll be donating 100% of the profits from now through April 15th to local efforts. Where exactly? We’re not sure yet; but probably something to do with the needs of children in the community. We’ll be reaching out to the Food Service Department via the number in the above Twitter post after the weekend, and hope people reach out to keep us appraised of current opportunities. More on that below.

Or… just donate directly!

Don’t need any gear? We encourage you to donate directly to the efforts we see in our communities right now. If you’re a part of a non-profit providing services, please reach out to us through Twitter, Instagram, or email and let us know how and where people can directly support your efforts. We’ll keep a running list, and try to help spread the word.

Support Small Business

As always, we encourage you to support small business in your area. Big corporations can afford to pay lost wages, increased costs, etc… but your friends and neighbors most likely cannot. This is a great time to pick up gift cards, commission local artists, or do takeout from your local spot.

So let’s be smart about things (and leave some toilet paper for the rest of us). Take necessary precautions, be more aware of how your actions effect yourself and others, and stay healthy. We love you Western New York.

Joshua Currier
Proprietor; BUFonWECK